Cutting the falsomagro, ready to be served!

The name says it all: farsumagru, in italian falsomagro, litterally “false low-fat”, a dish that seems to be diet friendly, but it is not at all!


Maybe created by the so called Monsù – from the french monsieur, chefs who worked for rich families in Sicily – and originally named “farcie de maigre”, sicilian people very soon changed its name in farsumagru,  but it is known also as bruciuluni, and nowadays it became a typical dish for sunday’s lunch or Christmas festivities, you can cook it with different ingredients for the stuffing, based on your personale taste, here we propose one of the most widespread!



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  1. Put eggs into a boiling pot for 8-10 minutes, meanwhile, beat the meat with a meat mallet, since it must be very thin, then cut mortadella (or ham, if you prefer), caciocavallo (or other cheese), parsley.
  2. Prepare a bowl with the minced meat, breadcrumbs, grated cheese, salt and mix it all. Put the mixture on the well-beaten meat, add boiled eggs – you do not need to cut them into slices – , mortadella, cheese and parsley.
  3. Now roll the meat and close it with kitchen string or toothpicks. Put it in a pan with a little bit of olive oil and let brown. In another pan, prepare the sautéed with oil, carrots, onions and celery. After some minutes, add the roll and tomato puree, then cover.
  4. After a hour circa, your falsomagro will be ready! Cut it in slices, cover with its own gravy and… enjoy it!