Nowadays, Amazon is serving more or less every single country in the world, with an incredible amount of products, many of them not easy to find in shops. It’s the case also for imported goods, and in this case for Sicilian products imported directly from Sicily!

We want you always to have the best experience when tasting Sicilian Food, so enjoy our TOP 10 Sicilian Products that you can buy on Amazon!

Pistachio Pesto

Perfect with Pasta, this Pistachio Pesto made in Sicily with Pistachios from Bronte (The holy land of Pistachios!) is the perfect companion for your family lunches! Don’t you know what type of pasta you should use for this? Why don’t you try the Sicilian Busiate?

Olive oil

This is simply the best olive oil you’ll ever try in your life. It tastes simply delicious on top of everything! Our suggestion? Just toast a bit of fresh bread, and put on top this olive oil, salt and pepper – best recipe ever!


Are we honest when we say that the Sicilian Oregano is completely different compared to any other Oregano you use? Yes, we are. Starting from the smell, ending with the taste, the Sicilian Oregano is makes the best pair with your homemade Pizza or your Sicilian Salad. A must buy.

Pecorino di Sicilia

Do you love cheese? Then you can’t really miss this mouthwatering Pecorino di Sicilia. Perfect with Sicilian Olives and Fresh Bread, the most beautiful of the antipasti!

Black bread flour

This Whole Durum Wheat Flour is made with Sicilian ancient grains, stone ground in Castelvetrano. Very digestible and even suitable for people with some wheat sensitivities; rich in vitamins, minerals and protein is used in the small town of Castelvetrano to make the famous “Pane Nero” (Black Bread).

Cannoli Tubes

Are you attempting for the first time to make homemade fresh cannoli shells? These Cannoli tubes will come in hand while frying the shells – cheap and useful!

Caciocavallo Cheese

There’s no Sfincione without Caciocavallo Cheese. And there’s no Antipasto without Caciocavallo Cheese. Life without Caciocavallo is not life.

Arancini Maker

Are you having trouble making your Arancini at home? I know, it looks like it’s easy but is not! With Arancinotto, you can easily make Arancini with the perfect balance of Rice and filling! Use a Sicilian Product to create Sicilian Food!

Modica Chocolate

The complete and original recipe is well kept in secret by Modican chocolatiers, who continue to produce their little masterpieces following the same Aztecs old recipe! Could you ever imagine you can taste original Aztecs chocolate in a little town in Sicily? It’s just amazing. Even more amazing is the fact that the chocolate from Modica is exported all around the world, and you can easily find it also on Amazon! This is one of the best Sicilian Products you’ll ever try!

Pistachio spreadable cream

Think of nutella, but made with Pistachios from the holy land of Pistachios, Bronte. Mouthwatering already? Go on and order this spreadable cream, now!