The best desserts in the world? You can find them in Sicily. Say-so of the Los Angeles Times.

The Californian newspaper in a report by the editor Susan Spano, sent to Erice (Trapani), celebrates the delicacies displayed in the windows of Maria Grammatico’s pastry shop, praising them as precious jewels “worthy of a Swiss bank“. The journalist goes into a world of colours and flavours, that of Sicilian pastry.

Sicilian confectionery art ranges from the original cassata made of almonds, vanilla, sugar and candied fruit, to fruits perfectly moulded in marzipan, lemon flavour pads, buccellati wrapped around figs, Easter lambs prepared for Good Friday for the famous celebration of the Mysteries in Erice.

The Los Angeles Times is not the only international newspaper to appreciate the Sicilian tastes. Even the very famous French newspaper “Le Figaro” celebrates the “sensual and explosive taste of Sicily”. In regards to the almond sweets you can read: “You will find them in any pastry: they are pastes of coloured almonds, fruits that seem real. Strawberries, peaches, prickly pears, it’s hard not to fall for it!

They are the trace of two centuries of Arab presence that reaches us in all its sensuality and its remarkable caloric intake “.


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