What if you are told to dump your true love? Wouldn’t that make you upset or panic? But consider the passion for food as long run’, there’s no sincere love than the love of food. All around the world, there are 1000s of diverse cultures each with different cuisine. Let’s have a look on what are some of the differences between these two cuisines: the world-famous Sicilian and Italian Cuisine.

Sicilian Cuisine

Sicilian Pizza – Sfincione

A combination of many cultures and flavours the Sicilian cuisine has many dishes inspired by Spanish, Greek, and Arab cuisines.  However, Sicilians love for vegetables is beyond!  Many meals are cooked from eggplant, bell peppers, dandelion leaves, and artichokes. Vegetable soups are famous among the Sicilian cuisine. Another main dish throughout Sicilian is fish like tuna, sea bass, cuttlefish and swordfish are prominent on the island and habitually served with couscous (one of the main dishes influenced by the Arab Cuisine). The varieties of meat dishes in Sicilian cuisine are usually served on special occasions like Christmas, Easter eves or New Year nights and birthday celebrations, where all families gather around, having a meal that will last from lunch to dinner, no-stop.

We have the Sfincione, a typical Sicilian Pizza, usually served during Christmas time, but available all year long as street food in the town of Palermo, Spiedini (also known as Sicilian Rolls) is a famous meat dish made from a variety of meats, but most of the families usually use beef, meat is cut down to small pieces and beaten down to squares pieces then are stuffed and fried with homemade bread crumbs coating.  Other famous mains in the Sicilian diet are lobster, scampi, squid, and sardines. The Sicilian desserts are also very renowned for occasions and sweet cravings. Of the many desserts of different cuisines, Sicilians are famous for gelato ice creams, lemon granita, and world famous Cannoli, liked globally. Moreover, the famous Reginelle Cookies are a favourite at every Sicilian occasion!

Italian Cuisine

Italian Cuisine – Risotto alla Milanese

Risotto is a universal favourite in Venice and most of northern Italy. Rice is the main ingredient in Italian food that is cooked with either meat broth, fish meat, or vegetables until it attains a creamy consistency flavoured with saffron. Another typical favourite among Italians is pasta with beans. Italian cuisine is more often known for its simplicity of food. Most of the dishes have only two to four main ingredients that make the taste and aroma of food even better. Italian cooks mostly rely on the quality of the add-up ingredients to the food rather than elaborating the preparation and making complicated recipes.

The Ingredients and dishes might vary from region to region but have the same taste and simplicity reserved. Italian cuisine comprises of a vast variety of different ingredients commonly used are fruit extracts, vegetables, different sauces, various meats etc. Fish, potatoes, rice, corn, sausages, pork and different cheese types are the most common ingredients in North Italy region. Dishes with pasta use tomato that are spread in all Italy. Italians like the ingredients they use, fresh and subtly seasoned and spiced with their taste.


The love for food is beyond every love. Whichever region or culture you adopt the two famous Sicilian and Italian diet always remain famous in every culture.