The “Zucca in Agrodolce”, or sweet and sour pumpkin is a dish that, according to some legends, originates in one of the most known and ancient markets of Palermo: The “Vucciria”.

This dish was called by the street vendors of the market “ficatu ri setti cannola” (literally “the liver of the seven taps”), precisely because in times of poverty, the pumpkin cooked in this way was destined for those who could not afford to buy the liver as the nobles did, they were forced to settle for this dish that reminded the taste of the sweet and sour liver. The reference to the seven taps, however, is at the seven fountains near the market where the vendors found themselves daily basis.

Today the sweet and sour red pumpkin has become a strong dish of the Sicilian tradition, excellent to
propose as an appetizer or as a side dish.


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  1. Clean the pumpkin, then remove it from the skin and internal seeds
  2. Cut the pumpkin into slices 1 cm thick
  3. Take a large-bottomed pan, sprinkle with plenty of extra virgin olive oil and when the oil is hot, fry the pumpkin slices for about 2 minutes on each side.
  4. Drain the pumpkin slices with a skimmer and place them on a plate or tray and add the salt.
  5. In the same oil in which you have fried the pumpkin, put the garlic and fry it, then add the vinegar and sugar. Usually every 2 tablespoons of vinegar put 1 tablespoon of sugar. Keep in mind that sweet and sour is a very personal taste, so try it as you go.
  6. Finally, add the sweet and sour sauce to the slices previously arranged on a plate or tray. Add a little bit of black pepper and minced mint.