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A Sicilian guy, with the passion for Sicilian food. Created by Riccardo Favara, Sicilian Food Culture was born with the intent to increase the popularity of the Sicilian Cuisine. Sicilian Restaurants and Street Food Corners can be found all around the world: London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo are just some of the major cities where brave Sicilian citizens are bringing a glimpse of original Sicilian flavors. 

You will be able to find recipes of the most famous Sicilian dishes, alongside with suggestions on where to find the best ingredients - but SicilianFoodCulture.com is not just another food blog: Interviews to Sicilians that emigrated around the world, incredible offers to enjoy Sicilian food and touristic suggestions on how to enjoy your Sicilian holiday at its best!


Riccardo Favara

Founder & Webmaster

Aurelio Maggi


Livia Di Benedetto

Digital Media & Content Manager

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Social Media Manager